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Ibex solutions


Representing the leading manufacturers in the field of Automatic Identification & Data Capture globally, and complemented with the longest market experience locally, IBEX Solutions, is honored to place itself as a market leader in providing industry & cross-industry solutions.

IBEX Solutions, established in 2005, was introduced to the market of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) as a continuation of the success story of a team that holds in its structure the pioneers who first introduced the technology to the Egyptian market more than 19 years ago.

A team, in its unity, was able to educate a virgin market with the meanings, uses, benefits and necessities of AIDC long before it became an obligation by the international standards.

A team that left a trail of success stories in various market sectors implementing a wide scope of industry and cross-industry solutions and has been rewarded with what proves this success.

During the past 19 years, IBEX Solutions team has been the back-bone of the IT Systems Department in one of the leading companies of the AIDC market in Egypt.

The Sales team backed by the endless efforts, support and extensive knowledge of the Technical team have managed to sustain the position of the company as the top Provider of AIDC Solutions.

Today, IBEX Solutions is the realization of the dream of this team to establish their own entity through which they can further extend their know-how and experience in meeting the ever increasing demand of the Egyptian market for such solutions, enabling it to reach international standards.

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