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Ibex solutions

Cross Docking Solution

QUAYO Cross-Docking Solution supports you in streamlining your supply chain from the point of origin to the point of sale by tailor made cross docking facilities that meet  your needs, based on our professional consultancy services and expertise of our resources in chain services in warehousing and truck load transportation.
QUAYO Cross docking offers the below high performance modules:

  • Palette loads for preparing the Palette Manifest.
  • Trip Planner for preparing the Trip Manifest based on trip type, Vehicle type, Source and destination.
  • Truck Unload for unloading the Materials at the destination.


Medical Representative Solution

Through our QUAYO Mobile Medical Representatives System, we can help you track, enhance the performance of your medical reps and also increase your customer service through the development of a user-friendly system that offers the following modules, since Med Rep are the eyes and ears of a pharmaceutical company:

  • Capture Medical rep’s daily call visits.
  • Capture market intelligence from doctors and pharmacies …
  • Ability to issue and track the distribution of gifts and samples to doctors and chemists.
  • Ability to track Doctor Activity Analysis, Details frequency of visits.
  • Birthday/Anniversary Reminders.
  • Deliver the most recent product analysis information to all product managers and officers online via 3G.
  • And much more…



Work Order and Meter Reading Solution

QUAYO Work Order System is a field technician’s tool for processing work orders (Service Slips) electronically and time sheet processing in a hosted whole office.
It gives you a whole office solution for managing your service.
QUAYO Work Order System is fully hosted system that can help your business grow by tracking and logging your construction, service business and meter reading.
Schedule … Dispatch … Serve … & Trace

Field Service Automation

Field technicians not only represent a substantial business cost, they are also your primary source of customer interaction post-sale. It is their performance that will directly impact customer satisfaction and perception of your brand — and your profitability. You need to provide this workforce with the tools they need to get the job done rapidly — and right.

QUAYO Field Service Management provides an Intelligent Dispatch of work orders, Work Order Tracking and Inventory management of spare parts allocated to those work orders.
A quick scan of the bar code on the equipment to be serviced displays the electronic work order, with links to past service records and detailed repair routines with ability to fill any kind of dynamic reporting.

The work order can be completed on the spot — no paperwork to complete later and invoices can be issued the same day,  and with integrated GPS, real time directions and the ability to monitor the location of technicians in the field ensures that the right technician arrives at the right job — on time, every time.

Direct Sales Solution

QUAYO Sales Force Automation solution is a complete suite of tools, and powerful customizations to support any sales process making it the only choice for sales reps, managers, and executives looking for success.
QUAYO SFA is used to:

  • Help grow revenues, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce expenses.
  • Enables you to control the daily tasks in the market.
  • Makes sales professionals more effective in the field and provides sales management with the call reporting they need.
  • Facilitate continuous improvement, and to get the product or service to your customer faster.