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Ibex solutions

Loyalty Card Solutions

Grow and strengthen your business with membership, loyalty and gift card incentive programs. Show your customers they are valued and appreciated, and they will keep coming back. Card Printer Solutions offer a broad set of options to create professional-quality personalized cards, in-house and on demand.


Personal Shopping Systems

Sample imageA Personal Shopping System, or PSS, is a system designed to help people while they are buying in a supermarket or any kind of self-service retailer. In this system, when the customer arrives at a supermarket, instead of picking a shopping cart, he(she) picks a Portable Device which provides a friendly shopping interface.
Using some known technologies (barcode or RFID),


Electronic Shelf Labels

Sample imageESL is a system used by retailers for displaying product pricing on shelves. Typically, electronic display modules are attached to the front edge of retail shelving. These modules use Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) or similar technology to show the current product price to the customer.
A communication network allows the price display to be automatically updated whenever a product price is changed. This communication network can be based on radio, infrared or even visible light communication.


Shelf Edge Label Printing

Sample imageMobile Shelf Labeling Solutions are used to make sure that labels reflect accurate product and pricing information by using wireless mobile printers to connect shelf labeling, point-of-sale, and in-store information systems in real time.

Mobile printers are ideal for producing shelf labels right in the aisles, and offer optional wireless network connectivity,


Self Checkout Systems

Sample imageIn self-checkout systems, the customer is permitted to scan the barcodes on their own items, and manually identify items such as fruits and vegetables (usually with a touchscreen display), which are then weighed where applicable, and place the items into a bagging area. The weight observed in the bagging area is verified against previously stored information to ensure that the correct item is bagged, allowing the customer to proceed only if the observed and expected weights match.
In some self-checkout systems, rather than weighing items in the bagging area,


PreScan Solution

Sample imageIBEX Solutions' PreScan queue-busting application provides a simple, cost effective way to improve front-end throughput in busy retail stores.
Using a special version cordless handheld reader loaded with the application, coupled with a vertical scanner or scanner/scale, retailers can implement a queue-busting application without costly point-of-sale (POS) software modifications.