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Ibex solutions

Self Checkout Systems

Sample imageIn self-checkout systems, the customer is permitted to scan the barcodes on their own items, and manually identify items such as fruits and vegetables (usually with a touchscreen display), which are then weighed where applicable, and place the items into a bagging area. The weight observed in the bagging area is verified against previously stored information to ensure that the correct item is bagged, allowing the customer to proceed only if the observed and expected weights match.
In some self-checkout systems, rather than weighing items in the bagging area,

a conveyor belt moves items from the barcode scanner to the bagging area. In such a system, the item is verified while it is on the conveyor belt.
Normally, an attendant watches over several self checkout machines, to provide assistance, prevent theft through exploitation of the machines' weaknesses, and enforce payment. Attendant assistance is also required for purchase of age-restricted items.